Monday, October 28, 2013

Oct. 28

I only have a few minutes for blogging--it's late, and we have Rivendell/TNT tomorrow!  I spent too much time tonight making desserts and braiding dwarf hair for Nathan and Luke.  Hopefully there will be pictures tomorrow, although I can already sense reluctance, especially on Luke's part, LOL.

My day started off with breakfast in bed, courtesy of Caleb and Jonathan!  They made me pancakes, and then they made pancakes for everyone else too.  I'm definitely living the life of ease around here!

Our big point of stress today was a computer problem we actually noticed yesterday but didn't have any time to worry about.  On one of our laptops we have 3 "users".  Well, yesterday morning when we started it up, we couldn't log on under the name we usually do.  It gave a message like "This user profile can not be loaded", and then it would log us back out.  So right there I was stymied.  It's hopeless!  Fortunately, Nathan has been doing a lot with computers lately.  He's on the "Cyberpatriot team" for CAP, which has to do with internet security, and he usually has been the one who solves our computer issues lately (before we always had to call my brother Dan, which is always a good option, and definitely still our back-up plan, LOL).  I thought Nathan could just make us a new account, but that didn't work in so far as we still couldn't access the documents on the computer. We couldn't even do that from the administrator account.  It was frustrating.  While I was taking the girls to gymnastics and running errands, it came to me that we needed to google the phrase that was coming up and see what advice we got.  When I got back home after picking up the girls, Nathan came outside to tell me he had fixed the problem.  He googled it and found the solution!  Hey--great minds and all that.  I am very thankful to have someone here as our personal IT guy!  Now we must keep training them, so we always have someone on hand . . .

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