Saturday, October 26, 2013

Oct. 26--Sports Saturday

Nathan had a cross country meet this morning.  It was the home meet for his team, so Bob worked as a finish marshal.  The rest of us got there a little before Nathan's race.  It was a lot windier and colder than I was expecting!  I made everyone wear hoodies, long pants, and socks, so I thought I was doing pretty well, but it turned out that I should have had them wear their heavy winter coats and gloves!  Poor Drew only had on a baseball cap for his bald little head (well, he had it on once he accepted his fate and left it alone).  He was definitely not enjoying the wind. 

We had an interesting time right when we got there.  Parking was in a huge field, and there really were no other cars coming in when we got there.  In fact, there was a race going on right then, and runners were coming around the far end of the field.  We recognized Caleb McC in second place (he ran an earlier race than Nathan because he's 14), and the boys saw Daniel and Joel far away who were cheering Caleb on.  Daniel and Joel started running back toward the finish area, which was a good distance away.  I was strapping Drew into the backpack and getting him on my back, so I didn't see anything.  Jonathan took off running after Daniel and Joel--right into a car that was driving out from a few rows closer.  Luke had a good view, although he was back by me, so not close enough too do anything.  The lady wasn't speeding or anything, but Jonathan had not looked at all where he was going--he just was running.  If she had been just a split second later, she would have definitely hit him.  Jonathan was just fine--not hurt at all--but really shaken up.  He was crying and saying he was sorry.  The lady looked like she had seen a ghost, and she was apologizing.  I'm sure she will have nightmares, poor thing!  Jonathan actually have another brush with death when he got fished out of a hot tub (by a total stranger, since Bob and I didn't even know he was near the hot tub at all) at a hotel near Yellowstone back in 2007, on our way back from my cousin's wedding in Utah.  His guardian angel has had quite a job with him--the Lord must have a special purpose for him!  I will say that we went over parking lot rules again with everyone ("Even fields are parking lots!"), and Jonathan stuck close to me and held my hand during all the walking around during the actual race. 

So Nathan had a good race.  His time wasn't as fast as his last meet, but the course was hillier, and it was pretty windy too.  At least it wasn't raining!
The kids and I came home before the awards ceremony at the meet so that Luke could get ready for his football game.  Fortunately, he was picked up by his teammate's mom, so I didn't have to worry about getting him to the game while I was trying to get everyone lunch.  Drew desperately needed a nap, and no one else was all that excited about going out in the cold and wind, so Nathan stayed home with them, and Bob and I went on a date to the game!  We didn't get there until the end of the 3rd quarter, and the score was tied at 0-0.  But we got there, and things started happening!  The other team scored, but Luke's team blocked the extra point.  Then Luke led his team down the field, and they scored, but they didn't convert their extra point either.  Then there was a flub with the kickoff, and the other team scooped up the ball and ran it in for a touchdown.  That was demoralizing, but Luke's team again blocked their PAT, and then they marched back up the field and scored again.  Luke even had a beautiful pass on the drive.  Then Luke passed for the extra point conversion, so they won by one point!  It was very exciting!  This was the last regular season game, so now they are headed to the play-offs at 6-1.  This is so amazing, considering how few players they have had, especially these last few games.  Today they again had only 11 players, but this time no one was injured, so they ended up with 11!

So it was an exciting day, and when Bob and I came home, I gave Drew and Micah a bath.  Micah kept saying, "Pee" in the tub, so I thought he needed to go.  After I got him out, he looked uncomfortable, so I put him on the potty, and he peed!  (Note to new moms of boys:  I put my boys on the big potty facing backwards.  This way they can hold onto the tank, so they feel more secure, and also it spreads their legs so that everything is pointing in the right direction:  down.  When they sit facing frontwards, it is easy for boys to just sort of spray out.)  So that was VERY exciting, since he has previously been VERY resistant to the idea of even sitting on the potty, and he certainly has never produced anything!  There were celebratory M&Ms for all, and everyone is hoping he repeats his successes tomorrow!  It was a big day for everyone!

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