Saturday, October 12, 2013

Oct 12

Today Nathan had to be up and out of here early for a cross-country meet!  We were so thankful that he could catch a ride with the McCs.  He needed a windbreaker, since it was kind of cold and still dampish this morning, so last night I raided the closet and found Bob's vintage set from his Academy days!  What a classic!  Nathan did better this race--20th--and the team was 2nd.  He is enjoying cross-country!

Luke also had to get going in the morning, but not anywhere near as early.  His football team participated in the homecoming parade for the local high school.  Bob dropped him off early, and then he came back and got the girls and Micah so they could watch the parade. 
They came back all excited about the parade--there was a husky close to them, as well as some other dogs, there were lots of floats, AND--they got candy!!  Necklaces too, if you couldn't tell!  So parades are a good thing, now, in their minds.  I'm sure they will be regular attenders in the years to come, LOL.

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