Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Oct. 16--Teeth

This week and next are full of teeth appointments.  Caleb and the 3 girls all had dentists appointments this morning, and Jonathan and Luke had orthodontist appointments this afternoon.  Nathan has his dentist cleaning Friday, and he has a big orthodontist appointment next Wednesday afternoon, when he gets a "forsus appliance" installed.  Then Luke and Jonathan finally have their dentist cleanings next Thursday afternoon. 

So no one had any cavities this morning, plus the office was showing good movies--Cars and Little Mermaid--so it was a good morning!  The dentist asked if Caleb had been to see the orthodontist.  I said no, and she said he had some minor bite issues, but no big problems, so we could either take him in or not.  Umm . . . no hard choice there!  I think we'll just go ahead and save the thousands of dollars for one of the other kids who will definitely need it!  So far he is our only one with a wide jaw and beautiful teeth!  We have high hopes for Anna too.  Caleb may have hit the allergy jackpot, but God, in His providence, saw fit to at least bless him with no teeth troubles!

Which brings us to Grace, our next even numbered child.  Luke and Jonathan have both had massive teeth issues due to a very small jaw, and Grace is following in their footsteps!  The dentist told me today she was noticing "crowding".  Yes, it is already noticeable in our 6 year old, so that's a bad sign, LOL.  Luke is finally nearing the end of his "phase 2" of braces, which will be around 3 years long by the time he is actually done.  Jonathan doesn't have braces right now--his phase 1 braces and expander have been off for a few months--but he will start phase 2 in a little while, once he loses all his baby teeth.  Oh yes, our orthodontist must indeed rejoice when he considers our large, narrow-jawed family!

It's too soon to tell how Faith's mouth will end up, but she does have her one dental issue--her lovely gray tooth, right in the front.  It's been dead for quite some time, but it has never gotten infected, so the dentist just x-rays it when we come in to check on it.  She thinks it will be coming out soon, though.

Nathan and Luke had their online history class this morning, so I went ahead and took Micah and Drew with us to the dentist.  They both played nicely, so I even got some reading in!  I should be taking Micah in, I guess, but I've found that my kids tend to respond better to dentists when they start closer to 3.  At least they understand more about what is going on.  He'll turn 3 in April, so when the kids have their next appointments, I'll schedule him in there too.  Hopefully he will be in a more cooperative phase, LOL.  Adding one more person will make going to the dentist take even more time/days!  Whee!  The younger kids did no school today, with all my running around.  Oh well.

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