Saturday, October 19, 2013

Oct. 19

Nathan and Luke took the PSAT this morning.  I was so thankful Christine McC took them, along with Isaac and Caleb!  They both reported that it went "fine".  This is the big year for Nathan--his junior year--but he said that since he had taken it last year, he wasn't nervous, and he knew what to expect.  Luke was nervous, but he said it wasn't as hard as he thought.  They had both worked through the little booklet the school gives when you register, as well as the PSAT review book we have.  Nathan also had his exam from last year, which they returned to him after he got his scores, so he could look at the problems he missed.  That was helpful too. 

This is actually the first event in a "year of testing" for Nathan. He'll take the SAT for the second time Nov. 2, then the ACT sometime this winter.  Then he will take the AP US government and microeconomics exams in early May, as well as the SAT II subject test in chemistry.  In June he'll take the SAT II tests for math II and US history.  Then hopefully he'll be done.  Depending on his SAT/ACT scores, he might have to take those again next fall.

As soon as Bob picked the boys up (late, since I told him it got out half an hour later than it did--whoops!), Nathan changed into his fatigues, and Bob dropped him off at an all-day Civil Air Patrol squadron day.  Nathan had a great time there.  H even taught a group of senior members (those are people out of college who volunteer with CAP) how to drill!

Luke came home, changed into his football uniform, and left half an hour later for his football game.  Bob went to the game, where Luke's team, at just 11 players (down to 10 by the end of the game), won handily.  Luke was quarterback, and he even passed for a touchdown! 

I took Anna and Micah and picked up Nathan around 5:30.  But before that, I had been busy myself.  I installed the other carseat for Drew in the big van, and then I started working in the basement, which is an absolute morass of disorganization.  I found 3 bags full of little girls shoes, from size infant to 4!  They were so cute though . . . but I forced myself to be ruthless and cull the lot, LOL.
Caleb, Anna, and I built this set of shelves to begin organizing all my tubs of clothes.  I have tubs for pretty much all sizes and seasons, boy and girl.  But the tubs are all stacked precariously on each other, so getting the appropriate one out is like a tetris puzzle.  Each set of shelves can only hold 10 tubs, so I need at least one more set of shelves, if not 2.  But it's a start!  Anna and I also went through a ton of toys that had been banished to the basement.  We now have 3 black garbage bags full of toys and clothes to donate, and 2 white kitchen trash bags of trash.  Yay!
The discouraging thing is that there is always so much more to do, and I had to sort of leave things in disarray down there, so it doesn't even look like we did anything!  I'm not sure when I'll be able to do more either--tomorrow is a busy day as well, and I never have really long periods of time to devote to a project, if you can imagine, LOL.

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